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Tips to Winterize your home

Close the vents around the foundation of your townhome (this is for units with a crawl space).  You may need to use a screwdriver to push the grate over because they can accumulate some rust. Turn off the water supply to the outside spigots.  The cutoff valve for the back spigot in crawl space units is located under the kitchen sink.  The front spigot cut off valve is in the utility closet where the water heater is located.  Cut offs for basement units are in the basement, one on the front wall and one on the back wall.  ONCE THESE ARE TURNED OFF, BE SURE TO OPEN THE OUTSIDE SPIGOTS ALL THE WAY.  This will drain the excess water out of the line.  Otherwise, the excess water will freeze in the pipe and you will have a mess when it thaws. When the temperature drops below freezing be sure … [Read more...]